About ISFS

The ISST School of Fitness Sciences (ISFS) is a premium institute for fitness education to provide a holistic and practical approach through its various programs and initiatives. ISFS, founded on 10th February 2020, is the centre for Fitness education.

ISFS provides courses in Fitness Education & Fitness Management.
At this beginning of a new era, the Fitness industry requires highly competent, well trained and experienced Fitness trainers & administrators. ISFS with its modern course structure will provide a launchpad for those who wish to pursue a career in the field of Fitness.

The “ISFS” will have a unique network of multi-field expertise; it will develop and apply knowledge to the study of Fitness in connection with technology, management, medicine, biology, law, economics, logistics and sociology. ISFS supports Fitness innovations, technology transfer and business development.

ISFS Fundamentals

ISFS envisions to be one of the elite schools in the fitness domain and develop professionals of the highest standards with the knowledge of latest trends and technology in fitness.

Our mission is to provide a launch-pad for individuals interested to make a career in fitness and create professionals with all-round expertise to cater to the exponentially growing fitness industry.

ISFS is formed on values of hard-work, determination, persistence and team-work with the view to create professionals to bring about a positive change in the society as a whole.

ISFS Core Team

Dr.Vipul Lunawat

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